Other Areas of Focus

I have worked on various projects for the Brooklyn Downtown Star weekly newspaper. Some of my work for the Star includes:

Notes from the Brooklyn Blogfest

Gentrification Front and Center at MoCADA

Paterson Will Seek Reelection

Berkeley Carroll School Wins Over Angry Residents

Red Hook Park No Place for a Concrete Plant

Don't Fall In: Club Puts Canal Clean-Up in Community's Hands


I produce work on technology and parenting, at


I have also covered news for children at Scholastic Classroom Magazines and Sports Illustrated Kids:

DynaMath: The Lines of Our Lives (.PDF)

DynaMath: Miranda's Fun Facts (.PDF)

DynaMath: Parade Time (.PDF)
Without math, this Thanksgiving parade would just be a lot of hot air!

DynaMath: Shaun's Prime Time (.PDF)

MATH: Donovan Fights Diabetes (.PDF)
MATH: Football Star Donovan McNabb explains how people with diabetes count carbohydrates to lead normal lives.

MATH: Stair Math-Ter (.PDF)
Shelley Fleming uses a formula to climb to the top of the stair-construction business!

MATH: Chill with Daechelle (.PDF)
Learn all about wind chill with singer daechelle!

Sports Illustrated Kids: 2008 MLB Preview (.PDF)